Insect Shield® is a ground-breaking permethrin-based treatment lasting through up to 70 launderings*.

*please follow the washing instructions and do not dry clean.

Insect Shield doesn’t smell, and you won’t know it’s there, but you’ll notice it when you spend time in nature. Insect Shield helps protect against irritating insects or bugs that sting, itch or carry disease.

Insect Shield technology protects against insects including those that can carry serious
diseases such as Lyme disease/borreliosis, malaria, West Nile virus and other insect-borne diseases.

It also protects against other insects such as ants, biting fleas, chiggers and midges.
Field research has shown a 97% bite reduction when using Insect Shield garments.
Garments with Insect Shield can be worn by the entire family.

Advantages of Insect Shield®:

  • Tested and proven protection.
  • Invisible and odourless.
  • Requires no re-application.
  • No potential for over-use.
  • Cannot be swallowed.
  • Not harmful to eyes.
  • Can be used by the entire family with no restriction for use.
  • Can be used by women who are pregnant or nursing.
  • Can be used by infants or children of any age.
  • Easy Care, normal home laundering is recommended.


Insect Shield® is an approved vendor of the US Army and US Marine Corps.
The US Army treats all combat uniforms with permethrin insect protection.